Using Elon Musk to Start Your First Business (His Principles = Your Success)

So you want to start your first business? Great! Maybe you're an Elon Musk fan (or maybe you aren't), but you can't deny how the man has been able to start big, disruptive businesses that inspire and change the world.

Whether you're thinking of disrupting an industry, or just simply wanting to start something small on the side to make more money, this video will take you into Elon Musk's brain, show you his process, and help you figure out how to start a new business of your own with Elon's principles to back it up.

I've personally used the principles mentioned in this video to start my own businesses, too. I even show you a specific example and how my partner and I used an Elon-like approach to build a successful (and as some people may classify, "disruptive") business of our own.

Let's break it down with Elon Musk here to lay the foundation.

And the end, after we break down Elon's 3 main principles, I'll show you a quick 3-step process for getting started with your business.

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26 comments on “Using Elon Musk to Start Your First Business (His Principles = Your Success)

  1. Passive Income Tom Post author

    *Elon is disrupting everything he touches. I’m long on Tesla and whatever else he comes up with next.* ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Cullin McGrath Post author

    Could some of these ideas translate well to a digital business? I feel as if I don’t ‘test’ my products (videos, newsletter, etc) before sending them out. Wondering if it would be good to “test my solution” so to speak.

    1. Pat Flynn Post author

      Your newsletter, your videos are your test for a product or business where you ask for a transaction.

    2. Pat Flynn Post author

      Your Blog posts are tests for what lead magnets you could create based on what people resonate with!

    3. Cullin McGrath Post author

      โ€‹@Pat Flynn Nice. That makes a lot of sense. How often do you run your work by others before launching? (always?) Thank you!

  3. Fred F Post author

    Focusing on that first customer was thre most important one for me because it’s less on my mind and starting the business doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

  4. Heart Behind Hustle TV with Kamila Gornia Post author

    Digging the beard! You look super different with it. And also – great vid as per usual. Elon is a genius

  5. Margie Binder Post author

    Terrific foundational video on starting a business, or any endeavor. Also, my college sophomore son is getting great use out of his Switchpod! Thanks Pat!

  6. Mihai Sabadac Post author

    Great lessons from Elon and from you. About him, what can I say more, at this points he creates the future in so many ways. And the advice we learn on how to start a business, great stuff Pat. Thank you

  7. Ellen M. Gregg Post author

    Definitely agreeing they’re all important, although for me it’s the first principle and then testing that are primary. I’m in testing mode now with a few things, and feel as though I’m learning something valuable every day toward developing what will become a core aspect of my business. Love the whole Elon Musk example, by the way. Instead of being intimidated, I felt inspired. Thanks, Pat! #teamflynnforthewin

  8. Target IIT Bombay Post author

    great content!!!!!! keep it up…. i just came here to understand this genius mind so that I can implement this in my study……

  9. Peasant Uprising Post author

    At this point, I gravitate towards principal number 3- First Results Execution. Feel as though I need to stop analyzing everything and just dive in and take action. Working on offering freelance services for video editing, audio editing and various options. Thank you Pat for putting this inspiring video content out in the world. I really feel as though this is another 2008 for me! Only this time, I will find what I will be truly happy with!๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ #teamflynnforthewin

  10. Maggie Bergman Post author

    O.M.G. This is exactly what I needed to hear waking up this morning Pat. Iโ€™m using this time to making a significant change in my business and working with those principles even though I didnโ€™t know it. My overriding principle is: One result for one customer.
    But I now use one of the things YOU always say as a starting point, probably even more important than what you mentioned before:
    โ€œWhat would this look like if it was easyโ€
    you say this often during your office hours in the courses and it is THE THING that unravels the over-complicated way I seem to end up (usually spun out from a simple starting principle) So thank you for this video, but thank you even more for the constant inspiration you provide! You are a legend!

  11. Andrew Murdoch Post author

    Such a great video… thanks for posting. I like how you break it down into simple action steps and use real-world examples.

  12. First1000Hours Post author

    13:41 I’ve recently gotten a few clicks (very few…okay…4 clicks) on my Amazon affiliate links. I’m looking forward to the day they transfer into 3 sales so I can most likely be accepted into the associates program for real. That day is coming. What you said here reminds me of how Sean from Think Media talks about how excited he was to make his first sale from his Amazon link because it illustrated proof of concept.

  13. Shilpa Pathak Post author

    You are amazing! You make everything simple, with the greatest of ease. I have learnt alot from you and will do in future too… Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Junaid Ahmed Post author

    Thanks so much Pat for this video. The three principles are an amazing example of how to solve a problem that we can personally feel attached to. I’m still working on finding a problem that I myself want to solve and I might’ve already solved it but I can’t see it yet.


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