Storyselling Secrets From 5 Time Emmy Award Winner – Nick Nanton – FHR #207


Why Dave Decided to talk to Nick:

5 Time Emmy award winning producer and direction, Nick has filmed over 60 documentaries. Learn how this master storyteller uses his experiences and stories to fund his movies.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-Mastering the art of connecting people (9:23)

-Nick and Dave talk about Operation Underground Railroad (13:15)

-What is story-selling? (14:00)

Quotable Moments:

“It’s obviously much more fun achieving what you want to achieve along with others.”

“It’s way easier to get what you want if you give other people what they want.”

Other Tidbits:

When you can connect with people, it becomes much easier to sell your ideas to them. Using your life experiences along with others life goals, developing relationships becomes easy.

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4 comments on “Storyselling Secrets From 5 Time Emmy Award Winner – Nick Nanton – FHR #207

  1. Brandon Herd Post author

    Hey did you say that when this interview uploads the O.U.R. documentary would already be out? I’ve been looking for it but I’m not finding it. Is it out? If so where can I find it? Thanks for a great interview and the great work all of you are doing!

  2. Katherine Somerville Post author

    Wonderful interview Dave! Love your energy! So happy to have had the opportunity to donate to O.U.R. at #FHL2018. Heartbreaking story but shining a light on HOPE is a fantastic thing!


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