Start Affiliate Marketing Business in 45 Mins. (No Website, No Money)

Step by Step how to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch in 2019, without a website and totally for free
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If you want a perfect done for you system for making affiliate commissions in 2019 without a website, then I think you should check out this Business in a Box system built by Rachel S Lee.

I modified my own version of it (and you can too) but it basically takes most of the work out of building an affiliate offer out of it for you.

Your only job is to aim traffic at it, set up some followup emails, and work on converting people.

It takes most of the hard work of affiliate marketing out of the equation.

And one thing that appeals to a lot of people is that you can do this without a website. You never have to show your face on camera or do anything else.

Just set up the BIB system and aim traffic at it, and with hard work and persistence you will make clickfunnels affiliate program commissions.

Plus, you can really send any traffic at it that you want – free traffic from facebook groups, youtube, or even blog/seo traffic or email traffic.

In this system there are a couple recommended solo ad vendors as well.

Once you get this business in a box system your only job is to aim traffic at it.

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Note: All credit goes to the video creators. They are not affiliated in any way with If you enjoy the value, visit their site and show them some love!


10 comments on “Start Affiliate Marketing Business in 45 Mins. (No Website, No Money)

    1. amila prasanga Post author

      Are you searching the best Affiliate Marketing site?
      Let me tell you my story,
      I wanted to earn money by sitting at home,
      I had tried online selling, Drop shipping etc.
      But I couldn’t earn enough money.
      Then I tried Affiliate marketing.
      But I couldn’t earn money because I hadn’t enough knowledge about this subject
      Then I gave that up.
      One day I saw a post on Facebook about Affiliate marketing Course and I registered for it.
      It really changed my life.
      Their guidance changed my life.
      I earned my 1st $169 in one week.
      Now I’m earning thousands. I earned $48,924.46 for last year.
      I worry about one thing, that is ‘why I didn’t start this before’.
      There were some reasons for that.
      I was afraid of paying and registering for these courses. I searched everything related on YouTube.
      But eventually the thing that I realized was “there’s nothing on YouTube”.
      There was only 1%. I learned 99% rest from the course of Affiliate Marketing.
      I just wanted to share my story and change someone’s life who lives anywhere on this earth.
      May be, you are that particular person. If you are interested in leave a reply like “more info”
      Then I’ll send you the details regarding the course of Affiliate Marketing which I had completed.
      Thank you and Thank me later. See you!!!

  1. mark job Post author

    Great idea 👍👍 now all I need to do is nail my traffic strategy. Cheers brad 👍

    1. The Nomad Brad Post author

      Thanks mark! I think it’s awesome, simplifies the whole process. If you have any traffic questions feel free to ask them


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