12 comments on “Should You Link Out from Social Media to Your Website?

  1. RadiateTV Post author

    Hi Gary, Although I may not be “Dawn,” you did a video on the question I tweeted you yesterday – and that’s good enough for me. Thanks, Robin

  2. Ralph Celento Post author

    Very good and straight shooter from +Gary Vaynerchuk I’m so happy my good friend +Yusuf Chowdhury shared this resource with me. The hundreds of tips, videos, and books from Gary are tremendous.

    1. Dony Top5 Post author

      I’m usually avers to guys like Gary. I’m surprised how much I love him. Must be because he can back his stuff up.

  3. Roberto Blake Post author

    People focus way too much on the optics of driving traffic vs. the goal they are trying to achieve. Even here in YouTube people overvalue the NUMBERS instead of things like the relationship engagement and ratios. Or more importantly the value someone creates for their audience.

    Why would you make someone go through 3 clicks to convert when you can reach them in one? And if they buy natively in a platform and convert to customer for you, why do you care if they go to your website? A sale is a sale?

    What because you want the OPTICS of high web traffic?
    That is ego driven decision making instead of data driven decision making.
    If you’re selling more in social platforms natively, double down on that and screw the optics of your websites traffic. Close the sales where people are buying instead of trying to drive them where you wish they were buying.

  4. Brenda Bridges Post author

    which type of card would you consider more valuable or productive-the generation lead or website card?Thanks

  5. Ali Khundmiri Post author

    Man! Gary was not joking when he said no one watched his videos in his early days…


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