Secret #14: How To Increase Your Tips (And Your Profit Margins)

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What was going through my mind when tipping at IHOP.

On today’s episode Russell talks about going out to breakfast with his daughter for her birthday and how watching the server work so hard to make a small wage made Russell wonder why he didn’t work somewhere that he could make more money, and how that relates to being an entrepreneur. Here are a few interesting things in this episode:

-How Russell would increase his ticket sales if he were still a server.

-How waiters increasing ticket sales relates to being an entrepreneur.

-And why if you can’t be the cheapest in your industry, you should be the most expensive.

So listen to Russell’s awesome advice on how to increase your ticket sales and make more profit for yourself.

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7 comments on “Secret #14: How To Increase Your Tips (And Your Profit Margins)

  1. Mike Khlebas Post author

    The biggest takeaway is the analogy between icecream first and meals second AND giving online bribe that people want first


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