Podcast Marketing in 2020 (Top 5 Podcasting Tips that Get More Downloads and Subscribers)

Podcast marketing is key because if aren't, you might as well not have a podcast at all. 😬 Let me help you with that. Watch the video to see my Top 5 Podcasting Tips to help you get more downloads and subscribers in 2020. I'll show you examples of how it all works, too.

If you don't have a podcast yet, get my updated "how to start a podcast tutorial" (the #1 most watched tutorial on YouTube! ): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzJ1r4EGn-eksdBA9rzmviJlzpaOF3TBp

**Time stamps for your convenience for this video:
0:39 – Guest Podcasting
2:53 – Repurposing Your Podcast (and not wasting your time)
5:04 – Send an Email When You Release a New Show
7:05 – Offer to Pay for Ads
8:53 – Have a Call to Action to Subscribe to Your Podcast on Your Website

**Resources and other channels mentioned in this video:

@Thomas Frank : https://www.youtube.com/user/electrickeye91

-5 Surprising Facts about @Marques Brownlee : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ifu67qeRDA

-Repurposing tools podcasters use:

-Fusebox (my new company!) can help you with beautiful transcript display plugins and on-site podcast players: http://www.fusebox.fm

-Start an email list and learn email marketing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5e-9N3snN8

-I recommend ConvertKit to start building your email list (affiliate link): http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/convertkit

And #TeamFlynn, shout out your podcast in the comment section below! Lastly, what tip of the 5 was the most valuable for you? Which one are you going to take action on? Let me know below, and if you enjoyed this video, hit that thumbs up to help out!

Thanks and as always Team Flynn for the win!

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23 comments on “Podcast Marketing in 2020 (Top 5 Podcasting Tips that Get More Downloads and Subscribers)

  1. Meteoro Show Post author

    The names of my podcast are: “Venezolanismos” “Meteoro Show” And “”Bocaranda Radio” under my name Steve Bocaranda

  2. Elegant Granny Post author

    Appreciate the tips Pat.

    The name of my Podcast is “Proactive Eye” where the discussions are of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and suicide prevention.

  3. Bishnu Mahali Post author

    The Bishnu Mahali Show & Siddhi Mantra are my podcasts. I’m also an affiliate of Smart Podcast Player.

  4. Josh Liebman Post author

    Thank you, Pat! This is very helpful. My podcast is AttractionPros, where we provide content geared toward attractions industry professionals – we focus on theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums, and aquariums. Everything related to the business of fun, and interviews with top industry leaders!

  5. Ryan Travis Post author

    These are really great tips!
    Podcast is called The Question at Hand! Discussion about news and things people may not know much about. 🙂

  6. HeyArcher Post author

    My podcast is “HeyArcher”. I talk about all things nerdy. Tv shows to dating and beyond. Thank you, for helping me grow my channel last year. You’ve made this so easy.

  7. Gary Cantrell Post author

    Awesome tips. The name of my podcast is simply “The Gary Cantrell Podcast”. I’m on my 3rd year with this particular show where I not only share my own struggles as I get my health (physical & mental) and fitness to where I’d like it but I also interview people I meet online to share their stories and that is primarily how the show is driven. I am genuinely fascinated to hear the stories that people share on the podcast and trying to do everything I can to get these stories in front of more people! I’ve been on this podcasting journey now for coming in on 13 years and I’ve made a bunch of mistakes along the way but now I finally think I’m starting to figure all this out.

  8. AeroSpaceNews.com Post author

    Our show is called LeadingEdge from AeroSpaceNews. These are excellent tips Pat, thanks for the helpful video. Re-purposing has been very useful to us. We’ve found re-posting to YouTube with waveforms is getting us great traction, especially with hot news topics like the Boeing 737 MAX. Your suggestion to use excerpts from the show on other platforms is the technique we will try next.

  9. dlew48 Post author

    Hey Pat the name of my podcasts are: Rolling Conversations (me and my wife discuss a variety of things from relationships to pop culture) & The Strike Twice Podcast( me and sister give episode reviews to the CW tv show Black Lightning)

  10. Gillian Perkins Post author

    Thanks for the tips, Pat! I launched my podcast last month, and I can definitely use all the advice I can get.
    And the Smart Podcast Player is working great for us!

  11. danny laurel Post author

    Pat has been essential in feeling confident to even start, and a couple tech things to get The Texas Trailhead podcast going. I’ve been writing about hiking for a few months now, but being able to talk about it too has really been fun. Thanks man!

  12. Nancy Myrland Post author

    Hey, Pat! Loved your quick 5, thanks! The one that hit me the most is emailing my list when I have a new episode. I definitely need to step up my email game, and this is a great reason, thank you!

    My podcast is Legal Marketing Minutes and is strategic marketing and social media advice for B2B lawyers and their legal marketing professionals in fewer than 10 minutes.

    I hear regularly that those outside the profession recognize it as helpful marketing advice for anyone! 😊

  13. Nancy Myrland Post author

    How could I forget to add that I have and LOVE your Smart Podcast Player! It’s beautiful and is a perfect addition to my episodes that I repurpose as blog posts, as well as on a dedicated podcast page with the large player. I need to crank up the email list feature on it, though!

  14. Robert Bednarz Post author

    The Patient Will See You Now: A Medical Podcast
    “Letting the person define their disease, and not the other way around.”

    I’m a doctor, and I post a weekly podcast where each episode, I talk about a certain disease, and then interview a person who lives with that disease and explains what it’s like living with it at home.

    Thanks for the awesome tips! Will definitely try these out.


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