Pinterest Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Tutorial (2020)

Pinterest – How To Make Money w/ Affiliate Marketing Step By Step Tutorial
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✅ The Blueprint 👉
✅ Perfect Pinterest Niches 👉
✅Clickbank Tutorial 👉
✅List of Hot Niches/Offers 2019👉
✅Crazy Cheap Web Hosting Deal 👉
✅ Tailwind App 👉

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✅🌉Bridge Page Funnel 👉
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✅ 👇 My Full Affiliate Marketing Course 👇 ✅

Link To Caffeinated Blogger Channel (I Learned a TON From Him!)

In this video, I show you how to make money online with pinterest and affiliate marketing, step by step even if you're a total beginner and you've never used pinterest before.

This is a step by step strategy that uses 100% free traffic and doesn't require any fancy tools, and you can even do it without a website.

And if you do have a blog, even better. Pinterest is an amazing way to explode your traffic for free and very FAST.

If you want to promote clickbank, shareasale, amazon affiliate or any other affiliate network, pinterest just might be the perfect traffic sources for you.


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21 comments on “Pinterest Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Tutorial (2020)

  1. Paul Berry Post author

    Great video Brad. Lots of value. thanks for taking the time to do this. Would be great if you could check in again in a few weeks and show how this is growing and progressing

    1. The Nomad Brad Post author

      Thanks Paul! Yes I’m definitely curious to find out how this traffic converts and helps with seo hopefully

    1. The Nomad Brad Post author

      Hey rinaldo it’s only been a little over a week, there hasn’t been any revenue yet. Lots of clicks but no conversions yet unfortunately. Hopefully that will change soon!

    2. The Nomad Brad Post author

      I have build an email list of about 35 people so far for free so if that rate continues and the $1 per month per email address metric holds up it should convert into revenue soon


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