Nate Lind, How To Scale Physical Products Into Multi-Million Dollar Businesses – Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Nate Lind went from real estate mogul to Internet Marketing Superstar by using affiliates to launch his products. Nate has done over $70 Million in the last 4 years selling physical products online. He has been able to do this by mastering how to attract huge affiliate networks to promote his business. If you want to scale your online physical products business into the tens of millions of dollars a year you need to listen to Nate.

Show Notes

[2:50] How to recruit affiliates to sell your product.

[9:20] How do you decide on the price point that you actually wanted to pay your affiliates?

[10:14] How to handle the scaling process of your business.

[14:08] Getting into the Adsum group to be with and learn how to sell your products.

[16:33] Some huge and awesome tips from Nate about how to start scaling your business.

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7 comments on “Nate Lind, How To Scale Physical Products Into Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

  1. Aaron Norris Post author

    Guys, why is your guests’ audio always better than your own? Your show is too good to have bad sound!

  2. Nate Lind Post author

    Thanks for posting this up Dave! Great show, if anyone has questions about the content I shared with Dave let me know.

    1. Nate Lind Post author

      Your welcome Russell, anytime you want me back I’ll be there. Would love to invite you to ADSUM this year, Dec 8-10 in Aspen, you game? 🙂

    2. Mark Chrysler Post author

      Hey Nate, awesome show! In the beginning stages of testing your physical product funnels do you go straight to your affiliates for traffic or get your testing traffic from another source THEN move to your affiliates to scale? Looking forward to the ADSUM event in Aspen!


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