Make $100 – $1000 in Just Minutes!


This should get you excited because today I'm going to talk about a super-easy way to make money online for free! If you have extra time, you can do this anywhere from around the world – you simply need a computer and an internet connection. Check this out and make sure you put it into action!

00:52 Simple online jobs
01:13 Fiverr
03:44 Flixpress
05:16 Let's make a video!
06:35 #1 – Social Proof
08:03 #2 – Quick Response
08:14 #3 – Keywords
09:01 #4 – Repeat Customers
10:59 #5 – Promote Your Jobs
11:10 Facebook Groups
13:58 LinkedIn Groups
15:40 Forums

Watch and Enjoy!
John Crestani



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Video by Nate Woodbury

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35 comments on “Make $100 – $1000 in Just Minutes!

    1. Djinn Magik Post author

      Ten years (five years) from now, make surevthat I can say that I chose my life, and I didn’t settle for it. I LIKE THAT “QUOTE” A LOT πŸ’–

  1. Cynthia's Marketing Secrets Post author

    Nice video and great method. Super easy and straightforward, loved the promotion part learned some stuff. Thanks *I’M GONNA GET IT*

  2. Ninjods Gameplayer Post author

    ive heard a lot about making money on fiverr, im just not take action,,
    but Jhon Crestani keep burn my spirit!!

    Im in!

  3. Tuan Nguyen Post author

    Hi John Crestani, I’m from Vietnam, I really don’t know anything about English, watching videos of my friends I really find myself fascinated, thank you for sharing valuable values to the community of people who are do on the internet platform. I will share this video with friends and groups in Vietnam I joined

    1. John Crestani Post author

      thanks for the support! Not sure how you watch the videos if you dont understand english but thats still cool!

    1. John Crestani Post author

      yup! huge competition anywhere on the internet! Oh…. also on the telephone! oh…. also theres huge competition to get good jobs!

      Conclusion: Everything is screwed, be lazy, do nothing, that way you’ll never fail and have the excuse that you never tried anyways πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    2. D L Johnson Post author

      @John Crestani I have an app that makes videos including 3D Explainer videos and couldn’t get business there. I started at $50 but may have to go lower.

    3. Alan Piazza Post author

      @D L Johnson then why don’t you try the facebook and linkedin groups that john explained and charge 5 dollars to begin with. i’m going to do it this way.

    4. Attie’s Mom Post author

      Yes, this is supposed to be the worst platform for freelancers. It totally devalues the freelance writer.

  4. Carlton Flowers Post author

    I’m definitely going to try Flix Express! That was a great tip. I have never heard of that site. I’m an experienced website developer, graphics creator, and entrepreneur. I have dabbled with Fiverr ever since its inception. But I’ve had the worst luck with it. My problem is, I have never been able to land any gigs, even though I have posted quality content. I dropped the price as low as could be, but still never closed a deal. I had offers for videography, graphic design, logo design, and voice-over work. The challenge for me was standing out in the HORDES of others offering similar services. I gave up on it after the 3rd time I spent a significant amount of time setting up offers, and figured the return on investment was pretty low considering how much trouble I had to go through to list my ads, and the amount of time it would take to climb the ladder of charging a decent enough amount to make money. I make anywhere from $60 to $200 per hour on some of my best services, so it’s kind of hard to make the decision to go back to Fiverr again to give it another run, considering the opportunity cost. But I just might try this again and see if I can actually land gigs in a short period of time. This was VERY good content though, thank you for sharing this video!

  5. Erik Cagi Post author

    Great vid John! Congratz on the infomercial too! You’re a big motivation, on my way to 1,000 follows! Hook it up with a thumb & follow, appreciate it!


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