24 comments on “[IMPORTANT] Facebook Ad Account Banned? ❌ WATCH THIS πŸ‘€

  1. Julio Montiel Post author

    Lmao literally as I watch the first 5mins of this video I got a email saying my account got disabled πŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜†…. Dammit

  2. Pain Amvs Post author

    Lol. They erased my account ID. I can’t appealπŸ˜‚. I just do Google Ads and Twitter Ads now.

  3. Phillip Castillo Post author

    I’ve been fighting for over a month with Facebook and they have made my life a living hell, however great tips specially with the Facebook Blueprint, I was considering in doing it. Now that you said it works, I’m gonna do that. Thanks Robby!!

  4. Aishwarya schoice Post author

    Hi Robby that was a very helpful video. Thanks for this wonderful info. I remember in one of your videos you mentioned that we should have multiple ad accounts in FB. What was that ? Can we have multiple accounts right from day one ? How do we do that ?

    1. kerenbanget Post author

      if you’re doing Clickbank products. you must have plenty of backup FB accounts(ad accounts).

      Please be advised that you don’t activate your new ad account yet until you need them. Because fb has new rules of certain days of inactivity, it will be closed down.

      Once you appeal for those banned ad account, you got to check several times in your email inbox or at http://www.facebook/support. IF you got denied, don’t worry about it and proceed with your new ad account. After a few days, try to appeal once more (yes, re-appeal). You’ll be surprised that after some months, those banned ad accounts will be in full recovery (sometimes not). Just check them quite some times.

      You need multiple chrome profiles to put several fb accounts. that’s it.

  5. JohanRickardt_yt Post author

    Been following you for a while and this video certainly comes in a time of need! Right now I’m looking into advertising on Facebook and just saw that I couldn’t make ads since my account is “inactive” or I don’t the admin authority to make changes nor ads… I’ve appealed and will continue to do so. Hope this works!

  6. Charles Martel Post author

    Interesting video! It’s the 1st time I hear about the Facebook Blueprint course. Thanks!

  7. Azim Kaamran Post author

    Wow, that is a really great insight, Rob. I never really thought about ad account getting banned or even if it did how to get it back again. Thanks for sharing those tips, really valuable!


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