How to Leverage Facebook Groups for Building an Email List | Neil Patel

In this video I'm going to share with you how to leverage Facebook groups to build an email list. Have you heard the saying that the money is in the list? It is. The bigger your email list, the more money you're gonna make. Whether you’re trying to sell information or physical products, email sign-ups can bring incredible results.

But how do you build that email list? Today, I'll share one of the most creative ways to get more email subscribers from Facebook groups that you probably never heard of.

If you've struggled with figuring out how to grow your email list, how to build an email list, and are looking for Facebook group tips this is the video that will take your email marketing to another level. Consider this your email list building tutorial with Facebook Groups.


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“How to Create an 11,284-Member Facebook Group When You Have No Followers”:

“An Eye-Opening Guide on How to Grow a Facebook Group:

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58 comments on “How to Leverage Facebook Groups for Building an Email List | Neil Patel

  1. David Faiheng

    Neil, Thanks for the information.
    Is email marketing going to be bigger or will it be replaced by others like fb messenger?

    1. Bradley Doering

      It would be a terrible idea to spend 100% of your efforts on one channel when we live in a rapidly advancing world. FB Messenger is growing like crazy as an advertising channel and has much higher open rates than email. I think it could be great if you learn how to use it right. But why only do one or the other?

  2. Manoj Kumar

    First of all thank you. I want to ask whether to increase the followers of the fb page paid promotion is the right way?

    1. DigiManako

      No. Facebook page algorithm has been changed. As per my experience, Only 20-25 % followers reach to our videos, only 10%-15% followers reach to photos post and 5% reach to links. But I have noticed these days that Facebook is giving little freedom on videos. Videos are getting more views now. Maybe Facebook wants to compete YouTube. It is my experience and perhaps I would be wrong. You are expert so u can give better answer.

    2. Goni Musa

      @DigiManako you are not wrong, they are trying to compete with YouTube, I received email from fb that one of my page is qualified for ads break because 30,000 minutes watched every months. In exchange of that ads I get paid.

      I was given instructions to set up my account with them.

    1. Andrei Florean

      Neil love your content mate. Some feedback on your videos though. You are clearly reading off of prompts and that’s fine but you are not looking at the camera, you are always looking above it and it’s distracting (it’s like you are blind – nothing against blind people). Also, I’d recommend working a bit on your body language and be a bit more aware of how you are communicating non verbally. Your hands are always far away from your body like you are holding some heavy shopping bags.

    2. Dara K. Fulton

      Yes and I have a nice following. I’m still trying to get it more interactive (still learning). *binge watching your videos* Thanks for your advice 😊

  3. Idarious Osborn

    This strategy has been brought to my attention thru a course that purchased and was asked for my email address. Thought it was genius!! The group that I design will have the same requirements.

  4. Idarious Osborn

    Can you do a video about Facebook messenger, there are alot of great things going on there. Messenger marketing will be powerful.

    1. Bradley Doering

      Hi Sunny, I’m interested in how you grew your Facebook group! Would you be willing to drop me some advice?

    2. Real Allen Pope

      Sunny Lenarduzzi that’s all good and all just make sure you’re a real entrepreneur not leading people to webinars where you say I’m going to give you the secrets, but at the end you’re like here’s the cost for the secrets actually…..

  5. Alessio Giorgianni

    Hi Neil, and thanks for sharing this video! I would like to know more about frequency bounce in analysis report like GA, may you suggest me a good resource to go in deep with this topic? Thanks!

    1. Alessio Giorgianni

      @Neil Patel Neil, your website is awesome (up to 6Million traffic x month.. Wow) and you have filled it with great contents. But if i may, i would suggest you to implement in the site a search bar for content instead of a dropdown menu that you already have (or both). Because i was searching in for an article for bouncing rates and i was keeping scrolling and scrolling when finally i was completely lost in Neil Patel’s universe of things! But there is a positive side of this story, because of this nonsense searching i’ve learn how bouncing rate works!! I hope this suggest will help you. All the best

  6. svntrs

    Thanks Neil for doing a vid on fb groups. I havent found many besides Pat Flynn’s tips vid and I need as many tips here as possible

  7. Michael Huerta

    Hi Neil I know you dont know me but just like the thousands or maybe millions of people who consume your content I feel like I kinda know you somewhat (as Im rereading this back to myself inside my head ism thinking how weird that sounds but I’m sure you know what I mean so I won’t delete it.

    What I really wanted to ask you was if It was cool if I used something you said in this video to make a quote image to share on social media, I’ll link back to this video of course as well.. the main reason im asking is because I wanna know if youh can recall wheter this is an original line that you just said or did you get it from someone else. cujz if it’s not your original words I don’t wanna use em.

    Thee bigger your Email list the more money you’re going to make

    the image quote is gonna be part of a “quote roundup post” of marketers I follow.
    to qualify for the post the marketer has to:
    1. have at least a decent following
    2. gives away tons of free content for the sake of helping people with their marketing
    (no fakefluff gurus making this list)

    P.S. this is going to be my first post of a 90 day challenge where I post to my personal blog everyday for 90 days to get in the habit of posting consistent quality content.

  8. Goni Musa

    Thanks, I have tons of groups that I have never utilise to help myself by collecting their emails…. I need to know more

    1. Neil Patel

      Start your own blog and work to grow the traffic. This way you can test and implement what you studying and you will learn in real time.

  9. BFPvideos Online

    Neil, you are awesome! What amazing share content. I am learning from you and have started my own share content on how to make great marketing videos. All the best to you. Angela


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