How to Handle Burnout

Take a step back for just a second while I try to sell you on this idea try to remember a time when you were on fire. On fire you were lit up excited about being an entrepreneur see that is gone right? Yeah I am burnout Grant that is what I am telling you, no no no go back to the time when you were lit up on fire you couldn't sleep at night you did not need to eat ok all you needed was the dream of the future for this idea, this business whatever. See at that time you were goal driven. The possibilities were enormous they fed you, you were mission driven. See it is when the mission is missing it is when the mission goes away that a person starts to experience being tapped out or burned out or exhausted at least this is my experience. Look when I am not tapped fully into my future , my goals, my potential, the possibilities, I do not care what the job is whether it was me when I was working at McDonald's, the country club, I was working on a rig down in the Gulf of Mexico or whether I was writing my first book. Look when your goals are not big enough, when you are no longer sold on your vision, your purpose, your mission the symptoms of losing interest what many call burnout are experienced.

Anytime you stop reaching for massive success the next thing you start settling in getting comfortable, to settle. To settle?! I just want to settle down. Why don't you decide to hate your life? See that's when you start having problems, when you start settling. That is why comfort and complacency is the entrepreneur's worst enemy. In fact I will tell you this the comfort and complacency is everybody's worst enemy. The only time I have ever gotten in trouble in my life was when I was bored, complacent when I was settling. Who wants average? Nobody wants it. Nobody no matter where you are at in life you don't want average. But we are surrounded by average people everyday, average ideas, average products, average advertising. Only those that have given up on greatness would settle for average.

In the United States today we often hear people say I just want to be comfortable. Look folks that is very dangerous, that is very dangerous to consider the idea of comfort such comfort mentality is what sets entrepreneur's and businesses apart. Its what makes people great who say I do not want to be average. Consider business, consider the number of businesses or maybe even people you know that were once great they were on fire, they were doing great things and they settled down into complacency. They started resting on their rewards. I recently was written by a woman, this was maybe ten days ago she told me thank you Grant today I was fired. I was like what?! I read your book the 10X Rule and the same week I was fired for being too competitive. This woman was fired for being too competitive, too on fire and by the way Grant thank you because I had six job offers by the end of the week. See that is where you want to be even if you are at risk entrepreneur's are often criticized for working too hard have you been criticized lately? Be criticized, be obsessed over future, be consumed by the possibilities and others will criticize you. The ambitious should never apologize, for the only people that criticize them are the people that have given up. The ambitious should never, ever apologize, for the only people that criticize them are the people that have given up. Get excited, be excited, stay excited and never settle and you can check out the rest of this article in the link below.



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27 comments on “How to Handle Burnout

  1. TheSournews Post author

    “I just want to settle down.” Why don’t you just put a bullet in your head? Lol nice stop Grant. I couldn’t agree more!

  2. gustavo correa Post author

    Grant, I think burn out for some people is like getting off heroine, the poison inside from stress comes out in feeling tired instead of puke. I love your books and I enjoy your videos. my life has made a turn for the good since then. Thank you.

  3. Nicolas Artamonov Post author

    Your advice is so great!! You are the first guy to deliver this explanation for what a “burnout” is, and it makes so much sense!! Thank you so much!!!

  4. Nicolas Artamonov Post author

    I remember in one of your presentation you said that your subscribers either hated you, or loved you, but they couldn’t ignore you, and I gotta say, you may not have a million subscribers yet, but each one of us here are true soldiers!! The ideas you share with us really help us build an unbreakable and powerful mental attitude.

    1. david henriquez Post author

      James D. Chamberlain III exactly you can’t sell cars and sell insurance on the will never be have to concentrate on one thing

  5. Wendy Ardon Post author

    There are 138 on their way to be burn out now. The brain is like a machine it can obviously get overload. This guy has not study any science at all. what a joke!

    1. Miranda Taylor Post author

      Wrong. You just proved his point. Burn out is in the BRAIN, it is MENTAL. Science has shown that when someone feels like they have a purpose or a goal it CHANGES the chemistry of the brain.

  6. Vince Dubbed Post author

    Lots of complainers in the comments. I’ve had days where I don’t feel like grinding but do it anyway because people depend on me to be successful. That’s called discipline and being on a mission versus embracing reasons to quit. When I don’t feel like grinding I just think to myself, “Zoe,(my daughter) can’t afford for me to NOT hustle” and I keep going.

  7. Javas Sylvester Post author

    Lol but he’s the only one with a jet in all these comments πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. delia munteanu Post author

    Hold your jetplanes mister, what you say here is EXACTLY the root of this disease called ‘burnout.’ I don’t think you are the person who would have it, and that is why you will probably never understand. That’s very good for you and those fortunate people who are immune to it. But in reality, a lot of people ARE susceptible to this condition, and denying it make things much worse for them. That is basically THE recipe to fall in a burnout and depression.

    Maybe you are confusing the so called ‘bore-out’ with a very serious fatigue illness (burnout). Excessive stress that stops you from functioning in a normal way is very dangerous and can lead to numerous (auto-immune) diseases, chronic-fatigue-syndrome, and many many more. It’s a physical disorder that affects your brain, your hormones and body.

    The only way to avoid burnout is taking your symptoms very serious and talking with your doctor about it, to determine if you are on the edge of a burn-out or ‘just bored’. However, when you’re ‘just bored’ or have a ‘comfort mentality’, you’re definitely not in the danger zone of having a burnout. This is a condition that affects THE most driven and loyal employees who would work harder than is good for them. In Europe this is a big problem.

    Denying this condition because you’d never had it, is a very narcissistic way of approaching this matter, and I also would not recommend to try to ‘help’ with your so-called advice. Confusing burnout with bore-out can happen, but I suggest you read more about this topic before you make statements about it. Thank you.

  9. Ghana Mafia Post author

    Burnout is very real…I love what I do but sometimes I get beyond burnout that my brain is FRIED..and it stays fried for about 3 to 4 days…Sometimes even a whole week…..Burnout is mental exhaustion….the only thing that works is intense cardio because you need your heart to pump high amounts of blood to your brain. Cardio and working out is EXTREMELY important for mental clarity.


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