How To Get Your First 1000 Visitors Without Spending Money | How To Get Traffic Fast


As a business owner, it's important to lead your potential customers to your website. But if you've only recently launched your website, you know how difficult it is to get that first thousand people to visit your page. In today's video, I'll be sharing with you four tips on how you can get more traffic for your website which can translate to some serious money!

01:08 Starting from nothing
01:40 Identify who your audience is
03:15 Find question-based keywords
04:00 Create content around keywords
05:10 Promoting your blog post

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John Crestani



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Video by Nate Woodbury

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16 comments on “How To Get Your First 1000 Visitors Without Spending Money | How To Get Traffic Fast

  1. HOME with JOY Post author

    Woohoo! This is awesome! Thank you John always sharing substantial content/gems ! Even its Thanksgiving today will be working on making money today through affiliate marketing! Implementing your strategies!πŸ‘

  2. Mike Allen Post author

    I think I am number 12. I am at work so I can’t always watch right at 0830 but always try. This was smart reaching out to other bloggers and definitely if your piece is high quality Google will show some love. You may use Webmaster tools (just google webmaster tools) and tell Google what site your blog is on (if you own it) and you can tell it to index your post each time you throw up new content. I also saw in another of John’s videos you can comment on other blog posts and link back to your post that way as well. I don’t know if it is true but I have heard those blog comments can be indexed by Google as backlinks… which can get your site seen even more.

  3. P.J.R Here Post author

    I watched your Craigslist traffic video and done that but i only able to do 100 emails on Gmail can you tell me how to do unlimited emails


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