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Grant Cardone, NY Times bestselling author, self made multimillionaire entrepreneur, international sales master and motivator in business and life, along with his Vice President of Sales and protégé Jarrod Glandt offers insights and advice each week on Young Hustlers, a webcast that helps Millennials ages 18-33, to better their careers, businesses and finances so they can create true freedom in their lives.

In this episode, Grant and Jarrod give the 8 reasons you may not be getting ahead and how to successfully get that raise or promotion you desire. Having the awareness of these tips will help propel you into the marketplace. Rather than remaining stationary and stuck in the same rotation you must take personal responsibility to develop the self confidence and mental attitude to know your self worth, know your value and take actions that are relative to increasing your compensation. This is not something you cannot fake, you must believe and understand – sell yourself first.

The 8 Reasons you are not getting that promotion:
1 – You are not confident you can do the job at the next level
2 – You do not have a company owner mindset
3 – You think too small and have no strategic vision
4 – You embarrass or surprise or correct your boss in public
5 – You get defensive when you receive constructive feedback
6 – You do not have a solid strong relationship with your boss
7 – You are not speaking to your work
8 – You complain, gossip, or have a bad attitude. Even if on occasion


Grant and Jarrod analyze this list in detail and give effective strategies to handle these 8 reasons. The first is to communicate you are money motivated, another is to be a problem solver. To find problems and build value to a company increases your worth exponentially. Do more than that is expected of you at all times, be noted for your hustle. If no one has commented on your hustle in the last hour, you need to step up. Grant and Jarrod also recognize the importance of finding the other avenues of revenue within the company. This shows enthusiasm, interest in progress of the company, and states you are motivated to increase your wealth and position.

If you're a millennial ages 18-33 or a parent of one, watch this video to learn from two people who were broke and are building wealth for themselves so you too can get the life you deserve.

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27 comments on “How to get Promoted – Young Hustlers

  1. gheliucb Post author

    In 2014, almost all internships are paid. I was paid as an engineering intern for 2 years for $16/hr

    1. Jarrod Glandt Post author

      if you knew that at 10,000 hours of working at your passion you would become a multi millionaire, how many hours of everyday would you work to get to the 10,000 hour target? Some can push harder than others… hustle like someone is working to take it from you

  2. god only knows Post author

    This shows the massive difrences between uk and usa. In the uk being productive means your never likly to get promoted as by removing you to.promote you would affect productivity in your specific work location/role so they dont promote you. If you think in a global or whole company view then yeah they will listen and use your ideas for free but you wont get promoted. And if you say to your boss your money focused. There likly gona fire you or replace you because they know that trying to get more out of you will likly cost them more or you will be awkward and troublesome.

    In the USA hard work smarts and paying you dues will likly get you rich. In the UK this ethos still pervaids but its cited due to eliciting people to constantly work harder towards a dream that never is likly to come true.. In the UK promosion comes from limited or exclusive skills other dont have so you get to swop skilld for pay. If you have gental skills then you just get pay… In the uk we have a saying towards promotions. Dont take a job unless it has skills to gain and when you have learned them look to leave for a higher position because promotion isnt rearly frequent or possible internaly only externaly. Thus working anywhere to gain skills leads companys to restrict what you learn to a minimum to keep you from leaving and disrupting the companys productivity. I hope now you see that the posibility for promotion in the UK isnt likly.. Its no shock to me the people leave to go to the USA for a better life..

  3. thamakin Post author

    I did everything noted in the video, yet The manager at my location was a manipulator and suppressed my potential for growth. THE NEXT SHOW SHOULD BE ABOUT A BAD BOSS. I ended up leaving in the end.

  4. PaulSzo6 Post author

    If I wasn’t so busy dominating my market, I would come and work with you. I’m on the 10 year mission. To work harder and longer than anyone else, and look  like an over night success in 10 years.

  5. Nair Salcedo Post author

    Im 17, im watching your videos, everything in your channel, of course im motivated by the money, but im more motivated by getting it, i mean the proccess, its exciting closing the sell, im thinking of studying Ing. in bussiness, what do u think?

  6. Jason Raths Post author

    Enjoy the show Grant, you got my mind thinking and coming up with new ways to be successful. Alot of the things you talk about i believe in, it’s good to know i’m not crazy for having drive. You reenforce all my beliefs and help give me the drive/courage to be great no matter what other people think. Thank you.

  7. Kyle Powers Post author

    Grant good stuff all eight ways to get promoted they work.  In 3 years went from canvassing manager to marketing director by following the money and at times doing most of your tips to get promoted.  The next big one partnership in the company.  Here I come

    1. LastVisionZ rDeep Post author

      No, but of course you have to be a likable person, know how to read people and know how to talk to people, character and communication. work ethics, passion and action all combined will move you towards literally any goal ,trust.

    2. Max Bernevek Post author

      Obviously. Successful people will hire successful people no matter what. Stop complaining and get to work.

  8. Nicholas Cheap Post author

    You’re competing against the economy who is making the most money. What the market is like.


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