Gary Vee Q&A From The Viral Video Launch Party – Part 1


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Listen in on live Q&A from Gary Vaynerchuk (Part 1 of 2)

On this special episode of Marketing Secrets Podcast you will get to hear the first half of the Q&A section of Gary Vaynerchuk’s presentation at the viral video launch event. Here are some of the questions Gary answers:

-What he sees happening with artificial intelligence and robots in the next 5 years.

-What Gary’s latest strategies are for shows on both YouTube and Facebook.

-And What Gary recommends for taking your preferred platform and skyrocketing your numbers.

So listen to this first half of Gary’s Q&A and tune in for the second half tomorrow.


Note: All credit goes to the video creators. They are not affiliated in any way with If you enjoy the value, visit their site and show them some love!

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16 comments on “Gary Vee Q&A From The Viral Video Launch Party – Part 1

    1. Geoffrey Hancock Post author

      I think the bleeps are too funny! staying here. ( just after the first few wished they weren’t so loud).

  1. Todd Goforth Post author

    Your such a great team Leader , cutting the check and brining Gary Vee in . Not much else can show just how serious you are about making sure your team continues to dominate and lead with integrity, vision, and a set of realistic perspectives.

  2. msred1986 Post author

    I find it harder to concentrate on what he is saying with all the “beeps” to block the words. People should know that if they are watching a Gary V video, there will be language. Just saying.

  3. Peter Moring Post author

    How brilliant is THIS!!?? …. And I see there’s a Part 2 …. (Great Stuff, can’t believe it’s Free! 🙂

  4. Darin Fredrickson Post author

    Call me old school, but I grew up speaking and teaching, and listening to speakers that don’t need to flavor the great message with swearing to make a point! Thanks Russell for providing the clean version as I think Gary has a lot of great points, but swearing to me is a MAJOR distraction, and I can’t listen to it around the kids. And working from home, it’s nice to have the door open to see the family! Thanks again for the clean video!


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