From Affiliate Marketing Beginner ➡️Expert | What Does It Take?

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In today's video, let's answer the question – what does it take… to go from affiliate marketing beginner to expert?


PRODUCTS ON CLICKBANK! Let's talk about which ones are the best ones to promote so that you can get a return on your investment & time!

I answer this question + more in today's video!


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8 comments on “From Affiliate Marketing Beginner ➡️Expert | What Does It Take?

  1. alhosin yakobi Post author

    Hi Robby thanks a lot for your videos
    just a question, which is better to use, Native ads VS Fb Ads
    and what about the other social media Snapchat, Twitter….

    1. Robby Blanchard Post author

      I like facebook as its easier to get rolling. Native takes more money for testing.

  2. sonu J Post author

    Hi Robby,
    I love your videos and I had a question that was bugging me.
    When we promote products, how do we make sure that we are not responsible for the product… For example if I make a website through Wix (or just randomly promoting my clickbank link on any of the free traffic source such as answering questions on quora) and someone visits it and ends up buying the product that I am promoting… If the product doesn’t work for them or any other case of that sort.. can they come back to me and drag me into a legal case or something. In short do we (affiliate marketers) have to have a disclaimer, t&c, privacy,etc… to show that we are not liable for the product.

  3. Enrique Matienzo Post author

    Great, Great, Great, Robby. You know, Your Honesty Shines and It makes you one of the Best Coach nowaday. I’ll for sure get what it takes to be onboard. Highly Appreciated. Thanks a lot.

  4. Jake Skelly Post author

    Want to know the Truth behind this video? It’s all an act. I recently got this eBook and now I know what to look out for, and who to listen to. I highly suggest you get it as well (not an affiliate):


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