Four Downright SCARY Ways To Dominate Any Market


If you want me and my team to implement this for you, go to

1. Geo-Hunting: You can now track people by where they physically go.

2. Browsing Behavior: You can now target people based on what websites they visit …even if they're not YOUR website.

3. Search Retargeting: You can now RE-target people based on what they search for. Even if your site isn't listed in the search results

4. LIST retargeting: This works for email lists, address lists, GPS coordinates, phone numbers, etc.

Again – if you want us to implement all of this FOR you, go to


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    Frank great that you have a new venture with CardoneKern but its a mouthful to say! Why not borrow from Calvin Klein and call it CK marketing “designer marketing for your business”. That might suit or it might not, I am just using these comments to think aloud lol. I wish you all the best and every success in everything you do no matter what name you give things btw !!! 🙂


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