Finding the BEST Clickbank Products to Promote (Make MORE Money) πŸ’°

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PRODUCTS ON CLICKBANK! Let's talk about which ones are the best ones to promote so that you can get a return on your investment & time!

I answer this question + more in today's video!


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14 comments on “Finding the BEST Clickbank Products to Promote (Make MORE Money) πŸ’°

  1. Enrique Matienzo Post author

    Honest Real Training. I learned a lot as always. Highly Appreciated. Thanks a lot.

  2. Abd Rahman Post author

    Robby is there a way to make lookalike audiences on FB ads when I’m promoting an offer on Clickbank? ( you know I can’t install FB pixel on other people websites (website offer)) I was wondering how could I get a list of people that bought the product.

    1. Robby Blanchard Post author

      Yes you sure can! have to talk to the vendors for that. In my course I provide them πŸ™‚

    2. Abd Rahman Post author

      @Robby Blanchard Yeah that’d be good, I saw your webinar yesterday about how you became the #1 Affiliate In The World that was really awesomeπŸ™Œ and the stuff included in your course it’s amazing πŸ‘definitely I’m gonna buy it. ( I’m saving money for it😁 )

  3. Andrea D Post author

    Hi! I get your emails and am really considering the commission hero course. I’m not the most creative though. Do you teach in the course how to make the Facebook ads engaging?


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