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Derral Eves is responsible for getting over 21 Billion views of YouTube videos. he has built 14 channels from 0 to over 1 Million subscribers and has also earned YouTubes “Gold Button” He is the go to guy when it comes to building audiences on YouTube and other social media platforms. He provides the tools and resources he uses to maximize the ROI of each video and how to grow an audience of fans who like and share your content.

Show Notes:

-The man who has over 21 Billion ads on YouTube

-Growing your audience from various platforms

-Releasing content according to your audience’s needs

-Derrel’s use of the “The story” in marketing

-The audio equipment you can use to improve your advertisements that you can buy without breaking the bank

-Breaking down how you’ll bring the competition down with A.I.

-Consistency’s advantage

-The balance of entertainment and information in your content

-VidSummit, getting people together to get the most up-to-date tactics at a seminar

-The most technical way of solving a computer program


“Every platform is very specific with how you actually grow an audience. How you grow any audience on Facebook is going to be different with how you grow an audience on YouTube. You have to understand the platform’s ecosystem and how it engages people.”

“The most important thing, that a lot of people miss out on is you have to be super hyper focused. You can’t be all over the board. You have to be really hyper focused in a specific niche.”

“You have to be consistent. Consistency brings a sense of familiarity that people are yearning for.”


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  1. Luis Sarti Post author

    Derral is an amazing teacher! Terrific value and content. He seems like a quality good person. Going to follow him! Thanks so much David!


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