Creating A Profitable Facebook Ads πŸ’° | What Works βœ… & What Doesn’t ❌

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What does it take to create a PROFITABLE Facebook Ad?

I've test hundreds, if not thousands, of different ads at this point in my career & I've learned what works & what doesn't work when it comes to creating an ad that actually CONVERTS.

And truth be told, it isn't as difficult as you think.


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11 comments on “Creating A Profitable Facebook Ads πŸ’° | What Works βœ… & What Doesn’t ❌

  1. better life Post author

    I have closed my advertising account on Facebook how to open a new account Please, help me, Mr robby

  2. Alessio Guarnieri Post author

    Hi Robby, one question: should I run one offer at a time when I start with low budget but with multiple ads? Thank you

    1. Alessio Guarnieri Post author

      @Robby Blanchard OMG. THANK YOU. I started 3 days ago with ez battery. Is it still valid to make money according to your experience? I appreciate


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