21 comments on “Can Women Sell Better Than Men? – Ask The Pro with Kendrick Shope

  1. tracey hilder Post author

    Love it ~ I believe too , fabulous interview really learning from the best – love sell or be sold my FaV is BOBA

  2. Victoria Munoz Post author

    I totally agree, high performing sales women are well connected, have the skills to transfer that bubbly feeling. Women should sell to men and vice versa. First above all- Know you numbers, inventory, and product knowledge. Last thing you don’t want is a pushy woman closer to close your sale when you are not prepared. Loyalty honesty, integrity, and Love what you do! I’m a fan Kendrick!

  3. Alejandro Post author

    Kendrick Shope does an excellent job at explaining the differences in how men and women sell. Her charm and ginger hair allows me to trust her advice. Grant also does a phenomenal job playing devils advocate and digging deeper in Kendrick Shope’s argument that men and women sell differently.
    I’ve been in scenarios with women who became extremely aggressive and negative during the close because I had objections, so they lost a customer. On the same note, I’ve had male branch and district managers walk into a deal and try to close me but failed to do so because they couldn’t overcome my objections (a lot of them threw tantrums so I walked the hell out).

    Her “believe” mantra sounds cliché with some truth BUT I would add: DO, ACT, EXECUTE.

    As a business and sales man I agree with Kendrick Shope that men and women sell differently which also answers the question title of this video.

    * If you or someone you know is underpaid, overworked, under recognized and just wants a shot at proving themselves, contact me. I run an insurance brokerage with other Entrepreneurs out in the Chicagoland area and I’m looking for some sharp, driven, and a “whatever it takes” mentality type of people to partner with and become the largest financial services company in the world. *

  4. Andrew Chaplowitz Post author

    Great. Usually it takes me some time to be sold on someone, but she grabbed me. Both her personality and the fact that Grant believes in her.

  5. Ivonne Teoh Post author

    Women in sales who don’t do well, may be suffering from imposter syndrome. Meaning lack of confidence, feeling unworthy, not enough, the usual victim scripts, fear of being visible. That is a BIG one! To be successful, anyone (male or female) has to UP and become Visible! Ouch! Bad childhood programming may be behind that. “Be silent, keep quiet!” scolding to little girls can damage a woman’s psyche. Get over it! Tell your wounded child, that was a long time ago, you (the adult) is there to protect & care for this little girl, it’s safe now to come out and play! It’s SAFE to succeed. Success is power. People can be afraid of power. Use power wisely. As usual, Uncle G nails it! #BOBA #Obsessed

    1. Shermineh .salehiesmati Post author

      Ivonne Teoh completely agree, he handled the guest with class but she didn’t want to listen.

  6. CDGMR1 Post author

    Wasn’t expecting her to be this good. Her image doesn’t match her talent – potential

  7. Musketeer Inc Post author

    This is a really interesting video and I like that we can see both the male and female perspectives.
    But I know that BOTH men and women are able to push in a denial once they are TAUGHT to!

  8. Shermineh .salehiesmati Post author

    I appreciate Grant standing up for strong women, her argument in weak. You should never accept the status quo, break it.


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