Automating Link Building with Zapier (Advanced Tutorial)

This tutorial will show you how to use Zapier to automate part of your link building.
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If you haven’t heard of Zapier, it’s a tool that lets you connect web apps together using IF THEN statements.

When you create a combination of web apps, they’re called “zaps.”

Zapier has over 2,000 apps you can mix and match, so there are virtually an infinite number of automations you can create.

But since this tutorial is about link building automation, that is what we will do.
To prepare our link building automation, we need to do some of the manual work first, like getting a list of link prospects, vetting them and finding the first and last name of authors or editors.

You’ll learn how to do this in the video.

Then, it’s time to start building the zap.

There are a few steps involved:

1. Set your trigger
2. Set your first action
3. Update your spreadsheet with the found email
4. Validate the email
5. Update the spreadsheet with the bounce status
6. Send emails

You’ll learn all the details in executing those steps in the tutorial.


0:21 What is Zapier?
2:02 Set a trigger with Zapier and Google Sheets
3:02 Set up the first event using Hunter app
4:13 Update Google sheet with found email
5:56 Validate email list using Zapier filters and NeverBounce app
7:16 Update Google sheet with NeverBounce status
8:47 Send emails and follow-ups with Mailshake app
10:16 Update Google sheet with data from Mailshake app

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32 comments on “Automating Link Building with Zapier (Advanced Tutorial)

  1. Waseem Saifi Post author

    Thank you so much for it MAX I was looking for it.. Sometimes I feel that u can hear of my heart. 💓

    1. Ahrefs Post author

      Hello Wassem! Did you enjoy this video? Wonder if you used Zapier before or this is a new type of experience for you.
      – Max

  2. Abhishek Kurve Post author

    hey sam, would you be required to do these entire steps from start to beginning for each and every campaign (G sheet)? Or this something that can be “templated” in zapier and used over different campaigns?

    1. Ahrefs Post author

      Zaps can be copied if you want to use it for different campaigns, so it is pretty easy to scale the process later on.
      – Max

  3. Sumiit Gupta Post author

    As usual Amazing Video Sam, Thanks a lot!
    But I am worried about Zapier pricing, Do I need to buy any zapier plans?

    1. Ahrefs Post author

      They offer a limited account for free, but paid account will be required to achieve process highlighted in this video.
      – Max

  4. ESMN Post author

    Just a bit of feedback – the black and white theme was a bit weird and didn’t really add any value to the video. Great video as always, though!

    1. Ahrefs Post author

      This is an attempt to make a ‘footnote’ which is not a part of the process which is covered in the video
      – Max

  5. James Oliver - Evolved Toaster Post author

    Ahrefs you’re killing it with the content, keep the more advanced content coming. There are too many beginner-friendly videos out there and not enough content like this ✌️

    1. Ahrefs Post author

      Thank you, James! Glad you liked this one. We will make sure to publish ‘advanced’ type of videos more often 😉
      – Max

  6. Dan Gold Post author

    If the mouse click sounds are added in editing, props for adding a click to close dropdown menus.


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