Affiliate Marketing Tips For Complete Beginners | Building A Successful Foundation πŸ’°

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Are you just starting your affiliate marketing career?

There's TONS of information on the internet (and lots of good content already published on my channel) that gives you great advice on what you should do & how you should do it.

This video was recorded to give you FOUNDATIONAL advice that ANYONE, even complete beginners, can take & implement.

Let's get into it!


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15 comments on “Affiliate Marketing Tips For Complete Beginners | Building A Successful Foundation πŸ’°

  1. tbond009 Post author

    Hello Robby, i am a newbie loved your Video from April 2019 i just watched. Thank you your break down is fantastic. Great Job

  2. Conation World Post author

    You’re awesome Robby! I agree with you. Affiliate marketing is the best business model when it comes to making money online. And yes it does take time to build but it probably builds the fastest out of any other business model.

  3. Jake Byrne Post author

    Hey Rob, i have been watching your vids all night and want to look more into clickbank, i got many questions but i am just starting and seeing how things work. More questions to come but for right now i can tell your videos are going to be what helps me grow and get me going in life…thank you and ill be a active supporter to the channel. Keep it up!

  4. Zachary Parker Post author

    Love your videos. I’m just starting out and don’t have any real $$ to put into it yet. I’ve got clickbank and have a pretty good Pinterest following. What is the best way to promote on this form of social media??

  5. Gayle J. Lang Post author

    Hi Robby! Thanks for sharing. Do you have a video on the paid traffic resources you use and how to use them?

  6. Azim Kaamran Post author

    Those are some great tips because of the way you make it simple, affiliate marketing is really on the boom! I really like the fact that you mention “Don’t quit..pivot”. Most people start a skill and when they don’t see the quick result they feel disappointed and quit. But the way you put it really helps me push forward, not quit and make adjustments! Thanks Rob for the value!

  7. Robert Lutrick Post author

    Hey man thank you for the content! I wanted to ask if you know of any good resources for mentorship? I’ve heard a lot about it and have searched high and low but can’t seem find any good places. Thank you again! Bless


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