A True Story On How Tim Ferris Made Me Rich From $0 to $1Million


Is the 4 Hour Work Week really possible? I went through a lot of jobs and tried a couple of business but after I discovered Tim Ferris' book, I was able to elevate my game and it changed me. Find out how I was able to transform myself from being broke to multi-millionaire.

Watch and Enjoy!
John Crestani

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Video by Nate Woodbury
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19 comments on “A True Story On How Tim Ferris Made Me Rich From $0 to $1Million

  1. Osaze Obaedo Post author

    Haters whined over Success without given a thought about the difficult times. Thumbs up John for your Success journey.

  2. Benny Post author

    Great story. I lived in Thailand for 6 months. Loved it there. Although Bangkok is more expensive than other places in Thailand, it’s still very cheap.

  3. Lenka Kaclova Post author

    I had to read it several times during my journey as I was always in different state of mindset & needed different parts. Loved your story!

  4. Zeff Coronel Post author

    Thanks for sharing your story John, I’m feeling identified, i’m starting my journey and this gave me a lot of hope. Thanks

  5. First Last Post author

    John, thanks for sharing your journey πŸ™‚ You are incredibly inspiring! Stay blessed!

  6. Jeff Ogburn Post author

    *Love your content John! I’ve been in the game 6+ years and have done it on and off part-time. CPA has generally been my go to because I love the infrastructure of CPA networks, building email lists, and running pair traffic. There are definitely tons of different ways/methods to doing it and I like how you are honest about letting people know yours is not the only way (even though your way(s) are VERY SUCCESSFUL ways). Thanks again for sharing your story.*

  7. Joksan Morales Post author

    I love it, John! Really nice to gain some insight and candid realism about the entrepreneurial journey. Thank you.

  8. Digital Lifestyle Business Post author

    Truly inspirational… like you said… one typically always sees and hears about people’s success. It’s quite refreshing to hear about the struggles and what EXACTLY people did to get to where they are today. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Enrique Matienzo Post author

    Thanks a lot, John Crestani. I highly appreciate your teaching. I said teaching because is more than a story, It’s indeed teaching. I’ll become one of your affiliates soon and start to promote your CB Affiliate Marketing Program. I also want to learn from you. Thanks a lot.


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