4 Types of Entrepreneurs and THEIR DARK SIDES

There are 4 types of entrepreneurs, and it's important to know which one you are because each comes with it's own set of down falls and traps. Watch the video, and see which one you are? Leave a comment below once you figure it out, and remember it can be a combination of a few, too.

Big thanks to Ryan Levesque from http://www.askmethod.com for coming onto the show. This video is actually a sneak peek from our upcoming audio podcast interview going live on the Smart Passive Income Podcast later this year. This was so good, I wanted to pull it out and put it into it's own video for you here.

0:48 – Type 1 – The Mission-Based Entrepreneur
1:40 – Type 2 – The Passion-Driven Entrepreneur
3:11 – Type 3 – The Opportunity-Based Entrepreneur
3:50 – Type 4 – The Undecided Entrepreneur

Dark sides / traps at: 4:58

Choose, by Ryan Levesque (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2R3pHQR

Again, let me know which type of entrepreneur you are, and if you've fallen into any of these traps Ryan spoke about.

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Note: All credit goes to the video creators. They are not affiliated in any way with jasonmangrum.com. If you enjoy the value, visit their site and show them some love!


31 comments on “4 Types of Entrepreneurs and THEIR DARK SIDES

  1. King Eric Tyler Post author

    It’s very important to know your strengths but more importantly to know your weaknesses. This will help you surround yourself and build a team that compliment your weakness. πŸ‘‘

  2. Janis Ozolins Post author

    Thanks. This was really good and when explaining the weaknesses it’s clear where I fall into. Undeceive.

  3. Ioan Brinzas Post author

    Undecided – amassing knowledge, but not putting it into practice. How does one find a “practice business”?

  4. Depeint Studio Post author

    What if I have a mission to do something great which I am passionate about and i can see the opportunity but i still struggle to decide on what my actual business is about?!

    1. King Eric Tyler Post author

      I’ve struggled with this in the past. You have to jump into the business with a minimum product quickly. This allows you to measure if it is for you. Spending tons of time or money prior to launching can result in a big waste and be a deterrent from future possibilities. πŸ‘‘

  5. Monoperty Post author

    I’m a passion-driven entrepreneur, and there isn’t any risk of me getting bored with it, because I don’t consider what I do is a J O B πŸ‘

    1. Pat Flynn Post author

      There is risk, because what happens when you begin to hire people to expand the business and then you’re the CEO of a company attending 100 meetings and no longer doing your craft? I’m not saying that’s what would happen to you, but that’s how a passion based entrepreneur could track. I’ve seen it happen – business owners, who hate what they do, even though they loved it before. Programmers who start agencies is one specific examples.

    2. Monoperty Post author

      @Pat Flynn Ah ok, I hadn’t thought about it that deeply. I hear you and understand Thank you Pat.

  6. Dad Dare Post author

    Pat, I’m friends with Kevin Fremon, love this video! I think I’m number 4 and still figuring it all out! Thanks for all the value you are sharing.

  7. Pat Flynn Post author

    Thanks for watching this video – been working hard to crank out USEFUL content that inspires, but also teaches. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Let me know what kind of entrepreneur you are in the comment section below. Maybe you’re a mix, or maybe you’re unsure (i.e. #4, hehe). Love yall, and thanks for being here! Team Flynn for the win!

  8. Scott Tovey Post author

    So Pat?
    Now that you just described me in four different ways:
    No wonder I’m such a mess at times: πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  9. Spellman Pictures Post author

    I’m the Opportunity Entrepreneur I’ve got a lot ideas that know change society on how it does things

  10. θ²“ε­ηš„η†θ²‘δΉ‹θ² Post author

    It was a great video as always. Thanks for sharing, Pat! Actually I feel that our entrepreneurial type might change by time. As we go along the way, we would be wiser to having different perspectives on entrepreneurship.
    And I think I’m a passion based type at this point.πŸ˜„

  11. roman Harasymishyn Post author

    I’m generally halfway through reading these books at the moment. Great book. And at first I thought I was a passionate kind of entrepreneur. But after this video, I realized that I am an undecided kind of entrepreneur. I like your idea about videos and podcasts. I’ve been thinking about this for 4 months now, and haven’t even started yet. That is why I realized that I am undecided entrepreneur!

  12. Troy Mountford Post author

    I’m a Blues Brothers based entrepreneur and definitely prioritise being of service over the money, and am currently working on improving/negating that πŸ™‚

  13. Stephanie Thompson Harris Post author

    I am a mission based entrepreneur. An Ryan nailed it! How to make money is my challenge.😣

  14. ScrapHappy Post author

    Thanks Pat. I’m definitely a passion-based entrepreneur, and thankfully I realized the dark side many years ago. At one time I wanted to open a scrapbooking store in my town. Thankfully, I knew the result would be hating my passion and luckily, one opened a few months later in my town. Now I run an online membership group for scrapbookers and I get to have all the fun and not get trapped by the dark side of the business! Awareness can help you set yourself up for success!


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