#204: Let’s Talk About Pain

Let’s talk about pain. Do you want to increase your tolerance level, wisdom, awareness, influence, ability to stay calm under pressure? Go through something difficult. Back yourself into a corner. Then use it to fuel your drive for more. 

In this episode, Taylor will teach you how to take the hard things you’ve gone through and make them work for you. Learn to make friends with your pain. It has some lessons to teach you. 

Some highlights from this episode:People misunderstand pain (1:02) The two things standing in the way of what you want (3:45) Your ignorance is an obstacle (4:00) Fear vs. Pain (5:02) Why Taylor is thankful for his pain (6:20) Look back at how your life has prepared you for the game (9:20) Taylor’s personal experience with pain (10:00) Three things that happen when you go through pain (14:20) 

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