#195: Effective Goal Setting (Team Meeting Clip)


The number one reason you aren’t hitting your goals is that you are not becoming the person you need to be to achieve the success you want.

At Traffic and Funnels, we have a culture of constant growth. Without goals, measurable growth is impossible. If you aren’t hitting your goals, it’s time to take a look at the obstacles you need to cut from your life, and the habits you need to incorporate. 

Listen in on this exclusive clip from a sales team meeting, where Taylor and the team discuss the effective goal setting strategies that have been the foundation for our explosive growth. 

Some highlights from this episode: The number one reason people don’t hit their goals (2:21)The pursuit of goals and Normalization Tactics (4:12) The three most common things people need to look at in Growth through Removal (6:20)The anatomy of an input (9:45) Information Diet (10:15) Three categories of Growth through Addition (11:22) How the gym correlates to closing sales (11:45) The importance of the morning formula (14:20) How to select your information diet (14:45) 

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