#188: Achieving Sustainable Growth in Your Business (Scaling vs Cutting)

The goal of almost every entrepreneur is to actualize a concept, and build a business that makes a big impact. However, wasted resources can and will inhibit your ability to scale. A successful business must cycle through seasons of scaling and cutting, and they can’t happen simultaneously.  In this conference call with Traffic and Funnels ELITE clients and top level performers, Taylor discusses how to properly cycle between scaling and cutting your business to achieve sustainable growth with flexible profit margins. Some highlights from this episode: Why you cannot scale and cut simultaneously. (3:20) Deciding what cut when you are in pruning mode (4:01) Choosing worthwhile investments (5:12) Who is your competition? (5:53) The mission of T&F (7:12) Want “Insider Access” to our Six-Figure per month Consulting Business? Sign up for Insider’s Access Monthly today.If you want access to the lessons learned building the fastest growing consulting business on the planet, then don’t miss your chance to become an “insider” and get our very own playbook of secrets here – http://www.trafficandfunnels.com/iamBe sure to LIKE us Facebook and join the conversation in the Smartest Guys in Marketing Facebook Group.


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