#187: Why Being a Solopreneur Sucks

There was a time in Traffic and Funnels when every action was motivated by what it could do for Chris and Taylor. But they quickly learned that a selfish mindset, and the lack of a team could only get them so far. Being a Solopreneur sucks. If you reach the top of the mountain, but you’re all by yourself up there, you’ve failed. Success is all about making an impact and leaving a legacy. Agree? Disagree? Listen to the episode to learn more. Why solopreneurship sucks (2:35)Why you need to subscribe Insider’s Access (3:50) The cost of building a team (4:34) Being an entrepreneur is about the people around you (6:20)The keys to scaling a great team (6:45)Why you need to know where you want to go (7:34) How to start with the end in mind (9:36)The three types of expectations that will ruin company culture – 10:45The cost and benefits of growth (16:15)The importance of participating in the prescription you’re giving others (18:46)How to leverage your mentor to get better results (19:56)Why your mastermind isn’t giving you what you want (22:00)Are you tired of struggling to get paid ads to work for your business? Truth is, we’ve been there. That’s why our lead media buyer created the Traffic and Funnels Advertising Workshop.Stop wasting money on ads that don’t work. Check out the Advertising Workshop now and get bonuses just for being a podcast subscriber!Be sure to LIKE us Facebook and join the conversation in the Smartest Guys in Marketing Facebook Group.

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