🗣*Story Time* The Day I Went ALL IN On My Affiliate Marketing Business

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Let's talk about when I decided to go ALL IN on my business.


Scary, but in the end, I went all in & I never looked back.

Here's how it happened for me.


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23 comments on “🗣*Story Time* The Day I Went ALL IN On My Affiliate Marketing Business

  1. mark job Post author

    Hardest thing to do is avoiding shiny objects. You buy a course , you work at what is taught and it just doesn’t work for you no matter what . So you move on to the next, and so the cycle begins .

    1. Adeel Ansari Post author

      Bro I haven’t joined the course yet. But, as far as I know Sir Robby’s expertise is in paid FB Ads, therefore course pretty much goes with paid traffic. I thought you’ve already joined the course, that’s why was wanting to know your feedback :))

    2. Adeel Ansari Post author

      @mark job in one video, I remember him advising extra $500 apart from course fees ($1K) for paid ads.

    3. mark job Post author

      Adeel Ansari thanks for replying 👍 will give this a miss as I was looking for YouTube ads and native ads training . Going to go for Jon Crestani’s super affiliate system as that has all the paid ads training I’m looking for .

  2. WORLD 'S TOP 10 Post author

    Hi Robby,
    I watched all your videos on Affiliate marketing . I am from Nepal . I want to do Clickbank affiliate marketing from Nepal. But Clickbank isn’t listed my country in sign up form . So I am really upset. So please give me some ideas what I do .

  3. Azim Kaamran Post author

    That’s a really valuable concepts here Robby. One specific point I really liked when you mentioned about avoiding shiny object. In order to go all in for something you gotta stop focusing on other stuff and become a master of a particular skill first. That was the main takeaway I got. Thanks for valuable video.

  4. Kevin Clausen Post author

    Robbie thank you so much the value you just gave me was huge I need to adhere to what your saying I just want to do what your doing and want to be good at one thing and learn to master it your so right on shinny syndrome because I told myself I wouldn’t do that and I did and the biggest thing holding me back is I have been worried about list building and I know building a list is important and because of that it has stopped me I know all the tools you need I just have to believe in myself my biggest fear is not being compliant with Facebook well you found my problem and thank you for the solution.


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